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Jesus illustrates the illogical nature of worrying about clothing in Matthew 6:28-30. The lilies of the field do not work or spin (make yarn and thread for clothing). Yet, they have more glory than Solomon. Solomon, David's son, was one of the greatest kings of Israel. He was the wisest and richest of all the kings of the earth (2 Chron. 9:22). All the kings of the earth came to hear his wisdom (2 Chron. 9:23). Yet, Jesus says Solomon in all his glory was not clothed like one of the lilies of the field!
Our Lord concludes in Matthew 6:30:
Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you...
The Master makes an indictment on His audience in Matthew 6:30: "O ye of little faith!" What does it say about us if we worry? We have a lack of faith! Strong defines the word translated, of little faith, "Incredulous, that is, lacking confidence (in Christ)."
Adam Clarke catagorizes Jesus' reasons for not worrying in to five reasons:
  1. The experience of greater benefits already received...Can he who gave us our body, and breathed into it the breath of life, before we could ask them from him, refuse us that which is necessary to preserve both, and when we ask it in humble confidence?

  2. The example of the smaller animals, which the providence of God feeds without their own labor; though he be not their father. We never knew an earthly father take care of his fowls, and neglect his children; and shall we fear this from our heavenly Father?

  3. The unprofitableness of human solicitude {worrying, LJB}, unless God vouchsafe to bless it. What can our uneasiness do but render us still more unworthy of the Divine care?

  4. The example of inanimate creatures: The herbs and flowers of the field have their being, nourishment, exquisite flavors, and beautiful hues from God himself...were you brought into such a situation, as to be as utterly incapable of contributing to your own preservation and support as the lilies of the field are to theirs, your heavenly Father could augment your substance, and preserve your being, when for his glory and your own advantage.

  5. To concern ourselves about these wants with anxiety, as if there was no such thing as a providence in the world; with great affection towards earthly enjoyments, as if we expected no other; and without praying to God or consulting his will, as if we could do any thing without him: this is to imitate the worst kind of heathens, who live without hope, and without God in the world.


How did this writer overcome his worrying problem? I had prayed regularly all of my life. I never understood why my problems, the things that I worried about, never seemed to alleviate. Part of the problem was my faith (James 1:5-8). Often my lack of faith resulted from my lack of results from my prayers. A vicious cycle. Then one night, when I was at a particularly low spot, I spent a long period in prayer, pouring out my heart to God. I asked Him why a faithful Christian should have so many problems and could not get help from God. Suddenly it hit me! Rarely did anything I worried about actually come to pass! I would go throgh periods of worry, even depression, fearing disaster was about to come, but things almost always worked out okay. Then something else hit me. As I thought back in my life, as far back as I could remember, I never lacked in the true necessities of life! I had spent a lot of time worrying about things that were not that important anyway and would not happen. But, I always had food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and a family that loved me. I had been born in to a Christian family, including an extended family, that raised me to be a good citizen and faithful to Jesus Christ and His Church. My parents took me to every Vacation Bible School, Gospel Meeting (a,k.a., "revival"), etc. within miles around. They sent me to Bible camp every year. As I grew older, they either took me, or allowed me to go to youth rallies of Christian youth. Finally, they supported me in attending Freed-Hardeman College (Freed-Hardemen Usuniversity) to become a preacher of the gospel. God had shown me, what did I have to be worried about?!!
What do you have to be worried about?

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