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April 8, 2018

L. John Bost
L. John Bost
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How did life begin? There are two main schools of thought on this important question. Creationists believe that God created life. Atheists believe that life somehow spontaneously arose from non-life. Atheists, specifically, evolutionists, believe that a single living cell came from non-living matter. Which view is correct? We will explore the question, how did life begin, in this article.


According to Webster, Abiogenesis "is the origin of life from nonliving matter; specifically : a theory in the evolution of early life on earth : organic molecules and subsequent simple life forms first originated from inorganic substances." In other words, life came from non-life.
Jeffery P. Tomkins discusses several problems with this idea of the origin of life in the March and April issues of Acts & Facts. He points out in the March issue:
Ultimately, life requires DNA, RNA, and protein in a system in which each molecule is dependent on the other two to both exist and function in the cell. It’s even more confounding than a chicken-and-egg scenario as to which came first. Furthermore, since each type of molecule carries and conveys complex encoded information, an intelligent information originator is the only logical cause. Code implies a coder, not naturalistic random processes.
First, there are atmospheric problems. Tomkins points out that the biomolecules, purines, pyrimidines, amino acids, sugars, and lipids, are necessary to form the large biomolecules and cellular structures of life. But these occur inside the cell. Outside of the cell, oxygen, which makes up 21% of the earth's atmosphere, are destructive to biomolecules that are not safely contained inside a cell! In other words, oxygen would render the production of cells from non-life impossible! Cells can only be produced from existing cells. Evolutionists have proposed a scenario in which the early earth's atmosphere was different than it is today, thus conducive to the beginning of cells. But, Tomkins writes that geological data clearly indicate the earth’s atmosphere has always been similar to its current oxidizing conditions.
Second, Tompkins writes, "The alleged spontaneous generation of these key building blocks in the proper forms and amounts is an impossible hurdle." So, even if the necessary building blocks for cell production were present and somehow survived the atmosphere's oxidizing process, getting them together in the right amounts and in the right forms would have been impossible. Further, Tomkins shows that "the chaining together (polymerization) of base molecules like amino acids and nucleotides to form proteins and DNA/RNA" would have been impossible.
In the April issue of Acts & Facts, Tomkins notes, water "forms a chemical barrier to the formation of chains of nucleotides such as RNA and DNA that are the foundation of life." Evolutionists have proposed a scenario wherein life could have formed in some other medium such as, a clear liquid called formamide that is composed of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen. Formamide promotes polymer bond formation more than water and can even react with other compounds. But, Tomkins points out, "Formamide is toxic—it’s not conducive to cell life."
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